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Asian American Resource Center
10 Year Anniversary

October 27th, 2023, from 6:30PM - 9:30PM
Location: AARC, 8401 Cameron Road, Austin TX

Mabuhay and Hafa Adai!

The Cultured Chefs would like to celebrate Filipino-American History Month by having a menu pop-up! Chef Rene, who is Filipino, grew up in the island of Guam and is going to give you some Filipino flavors with the taste of his home island. 

You may pre-order here so you can enjoy more time at the event!
 All PRE-ORDERS must be placed by October 25th.

We will have a separate line for pre-orders. The event is from 6:30pm-9:30pm and we recommend you come get your food as early as possible so you may eat then explore and enjoy.
All payments will process through Venmo. All on site payments will be accepted preferably through card. 

*We love to express and introduce the Filipino culture. We will provide gloves with every order so you may enjoy eating with your hands just how it is intended to be done at a Kamayan Feast!

Please fill out form below and pay on Venmo to secure your platters.
Venmo Link: Venmo | Rene Helit Jr

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