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Chef vs Chef

Varied Weekday Evenings at 7:00PM
Location: 9415 Burnet Rd ste 106, Austin, TX 78758 - Cinful Sweets
Price: $100/person

Are you a fan of Chopped? What about Top Chef?
Have you ever wanted to be a judge on food like the shows?
Now's your chance! 

We're introducing our Chef vs Chef experience. Enjoy with other guests or bring friends to come for a dinner! We will sit you down to eat and judge two main course dishes. Then enjoy a dessert on the house! 
This will be a recurring experience so please watch for when we release dates!

The chefs will go battle out with food to see whose dish is the best of the evening. The ingredients will be picked through a random shuffler and determined before the booking date. You'll be able to suggest foods or ingredients you like and dislike to help us decide our pool and allow it to go in random. Please also include your food allergies, however we want to make sure you're booking a reservation only if you are willing to eat any proteins off our list. We would only be able to play with specific proteins that fit within the market.

Due to the space of the kitchen and the floor plan, we would not be able to view the cooking, however, we will have it live on Instagram Story for you to tune in before arrival. 

After your dinner tasting, you will enjoy a dessert on the house while you fill out the ballots for which dish was the best in terms of taste and presentation. 

You may arrive 15 mins prior to enjoy a palate cleanser and watch the chefs finalize their cooking. Promptly seat by 7:10PM and you will be served shortly.

We will announce future bookings for premium proteins at a different dinner rate.

Protein List:
Cod Loin
Red Trout
Rainbow Trout


Premium Nights ONLY
Protein List:

Tuna Steak
Red Snapper
Sea Bass

Protein List:
Cornish Hen
Pork Tenderloin

Pork Chops
Iron Steak
Flank Steak
Ground Beef

Premium Nights ONLY
Protein List:

Duck Leg
Duck Breast
Skirt Steak
NY Strip
Filet Mignon

$100 per person:
2 Entrees to indulge in and judge.
Please click "Book Now" and search for next availability. Then proceed to fill out form. Payment is due on booking.
Each reservation is per person. We have seatings for up to 16 guests.

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