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As a personal chef you can...


The Cultured Chefs LLC is looking to hire chefs to indulge in a new way of cooking for guests. We want to grow into a bigger community of chefs who cook for clients, in-home or off site, to create memorable experiences. Chefs get to be their own boss, create their own menus, maximize profits, and simply enjoy the art of cooking. They will be trained by Chef Rene Helit with the concept of menu planning, recipe development, and the reality of shopping outside the restaurant industry. This is perfect for the chefs who want a different pace in their craft and allowing more time for themselves and their loved ones. As the times have changed where restaurants can't hold enough staffs or foot traffic of customers decline, this new alternative would help chefs continue to work on their craft without sacrificing a pay check. The demand for more personal/private chefs are growing so jump on this amazing opportunity! 

Reach out to Chef Rene Helit for more information and to discuss membership details!
(808) 635-6730 /
Membership sign up and link will be presented after discussion. 

Personal Chef Career
$200 Monthly Membership Includes:

Access to Recipes, Menus, & Templates to help get you started with foods to use, or to help get an idea on being organize and creating custom dishes for your guests.

Training through grocery shopping, cost control, recipe developments to insure your recipes are always up to your clients' diets or allergies, menu planning to fit the needs of your party, and basic knowledge on calculating nutritional macros for those fitness goers.

There will be on-site training with Chef Rene Helit by doing events with him, shadow him on how he cooks for his weekly clients, and running test dinners for potential weekly clients. Off-site trainings includes advice when needed, computer training for recipes and menus, and meetings to help get you set up with your website or social media needs.

As part of the package, you will be able to schedule with a graphic artist to design a basic website for you as part as your portfolio to show case your foods and have a higher chance of getting hired by a client. Clients love to se websites! You will also be able to schedule a food photography session with a professional to take photos of 3 of your dishes and include a head shot for all your professional needs.

Being a member and a trainee of The Cultured Chefs, you will be able to do collaborations with each other and gain leads for clients that are constantly looking for chefs. This will be considered even after the 6 month plan.

For the duration of 6 months, you will get all the above, but will remove recipe and menu access and training will end. The goal by the end of 6 months is that the chef will be well equipped to handle their business on their own and in their own way. They should have an establish set of weekly clients by then and some private events along the way. There will also be a mandatory background check free for you to help ensure peace of mind for clients.

We will help get you set up with making your website official, getting a business email, working on advertisement, and other extras. These extras will be shown as part of training, but the expense of getting all the extras will come out from the chef's expense. Examples are yearly website domain + making it an official website (WIX), monthly email mailbox (WIX), advertisement (which will be charged towards The Cultured Chef LLC). This may be discussed more into the future of the program. 

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