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Life of the Island Boy

          Chef Rene Helit was born and raised in a beautiful island known as Guam. He started his culinary career since high school, being part of the ProStart program. Not wanting to eat cafeteria food, he decided to get into ProStart, not knowing what he was getting himself into. His curiosity in the world of food paved his way to his current career. He started by interning at Fiesta Guam Resort in the pastry department and worked for a sister company to be flipping burgers and spinning pizzas. He then graduated with the class of 2013 and was lost to what he wanted for his future.

          Guam Community College was his choice of school. Being a boy from Guam, getting into a career choice that doesn't pay a lot, he couldn't afford to study abroad for his other interest, cinematography. He continued into the expansive world of Culinary Arts and stayed within the Pastries and Breads world of the Sheraton, Cinnabon, and the Hyatt. He has helped open a local bakery in north of Guam and decided to take a break and focus on school. The culinary program taught him all he needed to be a chef, but there were no opportunities for him to apply his knowledge except to continue being a baker. He graduated with an Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts with the class of 2016 and being a holder of ServSafe and Guam Foods Manager's certifications. He then decided to change his life pace.

He found an opportunity to start his own adventure away from home and decided to join Norwegian Cruise Line - Pride of America as their new Assistant Cook. Within a few months, he went up the next level to being a red scarfed cook. Proud of his achievement, he continued to strive for the best. He learned all his traditional cooking on the ship and tried to learn as many different working stations there. This helped him become more versatile in his craft. The cruise ship life molded him to who his today. By 2018, he decided it was time to go back on to land and put his new skills to the test. 

After enjoying some last family and friends time in Guam, he moved to Austin, Texas where he received his first Sous Chef title. He later realized that it was time to be out of the restaurant business and focus on becoming a personal chef. His new found niche gave him a whole new perspective in life that he's been missing. It was a life conversion that he is happy to have taken. His goal is to provide healthy meals for his clients and still make them delicious for them to be happy with. He believes that no one has to sacrifice taste and quality when it comes to making healthy meals. We shall follow Chef Rene on his on going adventure.

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