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Now what is a Kamayan? Filipino method of eating with the bare hands. It is also used to describe the Filipino communal feast (also called a salu-salo) where food is served on banana leaves and eaten without utensils.

The feast is best experienced with family or friends. We'll surround a table with everyone and see all the beautiful food laid out for you. We eat with our hands for this, so we'll make sure everyone does proper hand washing procedures before we start and we will provide gloves for everyone to eat with. 

This experience will be for 1.5 hours. First session at 5:00pm-6:30pm and if there is a waitlist then we will open a second session at 7:30pm-9:00pm. This will give us enough time to reset and clean for the next reservation session. 

Disclaimer: We recommend to book as a party of 4 to secure your own table for you group. However, we do open it for others as singles or come with a +1. Those that aren't reserving as a group of 4 will be place in the table with other patrons and will share from the same Kamayan pile. We will make sure everyone has clean hands and gloves, but this is still going to be up to you and your comfort level. This is a communal experience.

Disclaimer 2: Traditional Kamayan Feast/Boodle Fights is experienced standing up and eating with your community. Some may say we have a fighting stance to it. Please be mindful for this and be comfortable to stand throughout the duration of the experience. Standing up allows you full reach for your food. 

Check out what the menu entails!

MENU (1).jpg

$95/pp or $375/Table of 4
10 Different Food Items!

Each table will have enough for 4 people and will have 1 large whole fish. Tables with odd count of guests will get a whole fish still but smaller amounts of other food (for the table) of the rest of the menu.

  • From 95 US dollars
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